Madeleine Lyons

Madalaine_Lyons_2015-01-2-compressorMadeleine works with people and organisations to awaken their best through deepening connection with nature.

For 15 years she’s worked as a sustainability professional, most recently at Origin Energy, Australia’s leading S&P/ASX20 energy company, where she held multiple senior management positions including overseeing its multi-million dollar green energy portfolio and pioneering C-suite engagement between the corporate sector, government and civil society.

Prior to Origin, Madeleine was a recognised pioneer in sustainability venturing, co-founding the innovative carbon management and offset company, Climate Friendly, which involved taking the company on an incredible journey beginning as a laptop start-up through to its sale to Macquarie Bank.

She’s a passionate life-long learner and has collected qualifications and certifications in environmental engineering, philosophy, business, and counselling & applied psychotherapy. She’s currently completing her Masters in Systemic Leadership & Organisational Analysis with the Grubb School (London) and Alanus University (Bonne).

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