About Overview

WithNature exists to support you in discovering a deeper connection with nature to awaken the best in yourself and your organisation.

Or maybe I should say re-discovering? For our love of nature – the more than human world of which we’re a part – is something that already lives within us. It’s a truth we each know, deep inside.

WithNature offers transformative retreats and experiences in beautiful wilderness locations that combine ancient earth-based wisdom with contemporary human development processes.

Programs run from between one day for a relaxing & refreshing experience, to ten days for what can be a profound and life-changing event.

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You get to learn directly from nature, through your own experience, and apply this to enhance your life and leadership.

Why connection & relationship?

WithNature is not a call to action, but to relationship. I believe a healthy relationship between humans and the rest of nature is not a luxury, but a necessity for us to be well and flourish together. It’s common sense and science now agrees. I also believe that from our own direct experience of relationship with nature, wise action will follow. The deeper our relationship with nature, the wiser our actions will be.

Core technology

At the heart of WithNature’s programs is a period of supported solitude with nature where you connect with a vital and deeply powerful part of yourself that often gets hidden or ignored. The gadgets of modern life are temporarily set aside giving you a rare opportunity to be with just yourself and the natural world. Through this apparently simple process, magic happens! This “alone time” is embedded within a group process to support and deepen your experience and learning.

Why technology?

The WithNature process is a different kind of technology from what we normally mean by “technology”. It’s a technology in the purest sense of the word: the application of science for practical purposes. You can visit the fact trove for some of the science. As for purpose, I can’t think of a more practical one than connecting with yourself and the rest of nature; our survival as a species depends upon it. It can help to think of the WithNature process as a kind of biomimicry for humans.

Practices & principles

Along with the practice of solitude, WithNature’s programs weave together a mix of earth connection practices, mindfulness, embodiment & sensing, heart-opening with nature, silent walks, theme-based teachings and dialogues with like-minded people.

Inspiring people

Central to the goodness of WithNature’s programs are the people who co-create them. Wherever it makes sense I collaborate with – and offer you access to – some of the best leaders in the field.


I acknowledge the traditional earth-based and feminine wisdom lineages that inspire WithNature’s programs. My intention is to make them relevant to today’s city-dwellers and leaders. I’m especially grateful to, and hope to be a useful expression of the work of my teacher and elder, John P. Milton, as well as leadership and whole systems practitioners including the Grubb School, Theory U and Presencing.

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