Inspiring People

Central to the goodness of WithNature’s offerings are the collaborators who co-create them. Check out some of these inspiring people below.

Jennifer Menke


Jennifer Menke is systems change strategist, entrepreneur and nature whisperer in the fields of design and sustainability who is passionately helping bring forth an enhanced relationship and comprehensive dialogue between humans and their internal and external environments. She is a fellow of The Next Generation Leaders Academy for Systemic Change, founder and director of The Osa & Golfito Systems Investing Lab and senior guide with Way of Nature. Through her work Jennifer has brought many individuals into deep relationship with all living things, opening hearts to the realisation of Source, and regenerating native ecosystems in urban environments. Her guidance has inspired leaders in their fields to create sustainable change within themselves, their communities and their businesses, to the benefit of all.

John P. Milton

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John P. Milton is the founder of Way of Nature and a renowned ecologist, activist, author and nature-based spiritual teacher. With native American grandparents, he was inspired to work and study extensively in many of the world’s shamanic and enlightening traditions, beginning with his first Vision Quest at age seven. Since then, starting in the 1950s, John was one of the first to bring a contemporary Vision Quest form into western culture. One of his hopes is that by introducing this profound process to the West, many modern imbalances due to disconnection with nature can be healed.

Andres Roberts


Andres works with individuals, organisations and communities to support better ways to live and work as whole people and whole systems. He is the co-founder of Way of Nature UK and a core partner at Talik & Co, a company dedicated to leadership and learning for purposeful change. His professional and life practice is rooted in questions around wholeness, and through this he has deepened a passion and inquiry into the opening and union of the divine feminine and masculine. Today, Andres works with many kinds of people and organisations, supporting new forms of learning, leadership and progress towards a balanced and wholesome future. He has a Masters in Sustainability & Responsibility at Ashridge Business School, London.

Ingrid Messner


Ingrid is supporting organisations and leaders to become future-fit. She empowers them to achieve outstanding sustainable business results within the limits of changing economic systems, shrinking planetary resources and growing social needs. In her work, she brings nature to the boardroom and leads people from chaos to calm to creativity. Her more than 25 years of business experience in various industries and countries support her in stimulating a whole system view for her clients. Ingrid loves traveling and has been to more than 50 countries so far. These journeys always bring new perspectives for innovative work and better understanding of different cultures.

We create the path by walking it, together. If you resonate with what WithNature stands for and feel we might have work to do together, please connect with me. I’d love to hear from you.


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