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This event has happened! Check out the pics here.

 Join us in celebrating WithNature’s launch and take some time out for yourself.

This one-day Launch Event offers friends of WithNature an introductory taste of “re-wilding” with the power of nature.

As Australians, we’re lucky to have such amazing wild nature all around us.

This is an opportunity to experience the distinction between being in nature and being with it.

It’s a chance for you to slow down and bring your mindfulness and presence through each of your senses to the experience of being outdoors. Through this process, what appears mundane can become profound.

Through shifting how we relate to the local nature around us, we alter how we relate to ourselves, our families and human communities.

If you rarely get the chance to get out into the wild, this is a great opportunity.

If you already spend loads of time outdoors – maybe you’re an avid surfer, bushwalker or camper – this day has something fresh to offer that you can apply to deepen your enjoyment of these activities.

By deepening your relationship with nature you deepen into life.

Key elements and practices of the day include a selection of:

  • Silent walks
  • 60 minute supported solo in nature
  • Earth connection practices
  • Opening the senses through mindfulness and presence activities
  • Heart opening and receptivity to nature
  • Dialogues with inspiring and like-minded people

I’ll be co-facilitating this retreat with Ingrid Messner.

Saturday November 21st 2015, 9.30am – 4pm
Royal National Park, NSW
Free, but please RSVP by November 13

What to bring

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