Past Events Nature on a Sunday: City park sessions

Time spent with nature sets us straight. She’s our grandest cathedral, greatest artist and wisest therapist.

Nature’s the perfect antidote to the particular challenges our times. She’s our most effective digital detox, head de-clutterer and rejuvenating day spa. Her benefits are common sense and supported by research.

Whether you’re seeking some downtime for yourself, deep nourishment, creative inspiration, clarity of purpose, or connection with (insert your version of…Source, the Universe, Soul, God, Red Lady ++)…nature has much to offer.

Join us in a Sydney park on the first Sunday afternoon each month to experience the proven benefits of mindfulness with nature.

As Sydney-siders, we’re fortunate to have such amazing nature in our city. Take some time out for yourself to slow down, ‘re-wild’ and bring your mindfulness and presence through each of your senses to the experience of being outdoors.

This is an opportunity to experience the difference between being out in nature (where nature is a backdrop for our other activities) and being with nature (where we turn towards nature with conscious intention).

Through this process, what appears mundane can become profound.

By shifting how we relate to the local nature around us, we alter how we relate to ourselves, our families and our human communities.

Each month has a unique theme with key elements and selection of practices from:

• Silent walks

• Supported mini-solo in nature

• Earth connection practices

• Opening the senses through mindfulness and presence activities

• Heart opening and receptivity to nature

• Dialogues with inspiring and like-minded people

If you rarely get the chance to get out into nature, this is a great opportunity. If you already spend loads of time outdoors – maybe you play sport in your local park or you’re an avid bushwalker, surfer or camper – this unique gathering has something fresh to offer you that you can apply to deepen your enjoyment of these activities.

  • Nature on a Sunday takes place year round, come rain, hail or shine. Part of Nature’s beauty is learning to adapt and experience her in all her moods. Unless she’s feeling lethal, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad outfits.
  • As a general rule we gather on the last Sunday of the month from 3-5pm. On the rare occasion that I need to shift this, I’ll provide advance notice and update the schedule on this page (below).
  • Cost – By donation on the day, $10 recommended.
  • Location – Each month we’ll pick a different local park somewhere in Sydney.
  • RSVP to let me know you’re coming and for details about where to meet.

What to bring

Nature on a Sunday is part of my service to the trees, animals and the earth, as much as us humans.

By deepening your relationship with nature you deepen into life.

Join me on the first Sunday afternoon of the month and let Nature set you straight.

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