Past Events Leadership & the Feminine: Retreat in the Rocky Mountains, USA

We invite you to a gathering in the wild, to reimagine and rekindle a new world made possible through the re-emergence of feminine leadership.

The gathering will bring together an inspiring group of people to delve into the wisdom of Nature and the divine feminine, and from here explore how to cultivate new forms of balance and prosperity in ourselves, society and organisations.

Facilitated in collaboration Way of Nature international colleagues and spiritual elder John P. Milton, we will undertake a deep journey from inner to outer Nature, combining deep work in the wild, wisdom teachings, deep dialogue and a range of practices to support reconnection, reflection and direction.


The gathering will take place at the Sacred Land Sanctuary near Crestone, Colorado, from the 26th to the 30th August, 2015.


Way of Nature international is a global community dedicated to profound transformation, balance and purpose. Within the community, a number of people work across organizational transformation, leadership and spiritual development. This gathering is an inaugural event hosted by some of this group – an exciting collaboration of international guides and change-makers.

We experience a calling and right timing to host a gathering around this theme. As we face ecological, social and economic challenges, new forms of leadership are emerging. An important angle to revisit and rekindle is the notion of the feminine in how we create our world, and how organizations find wholeness within and between each other.

Equally, it is time to revisit the deep mistrust of masculine leadership, which alongside feminine leadership, is at risk and in pain.

Through the process we will seek to work with our own personal learning while at the same time explore how to take feminine principles to a leadership and organizational system level.

We hope to make this a deep and long-lasting experience – supporting each other, our ideas and energy in helping positive change in the world.

IMG_3883What themes will we explore?

  • Feminine re-emergence and its capacity to embrace and work with the polarities in our world
  • A new union of masculine and feminine
  • Indigenous and wisdom-based teachings on the balance of feminine and masculine
  • New forms of organization and leadership based on feminine principles
  • A way of working in modern culture that explores the feminine and represents a future we are seeking to bring forth

Activities and Practices

We plan to spend our time together practicing and embodying the themes we are working with and learning from Nature as a friend to support us. We will also draw upon a number of practices to deepen into the feminine and bring the feminine and masculine universal energies into union within oneself.

Practices will include:

  • Daily embodiment, sensing and energy cultivation practices
  • 3 days and 2 nights of all-one solo time in the beautiful mountains of Crestone
  • Deep dialogue, world cafe, shared inquiry, organisational analysis
  • Practical reflection and application of ideas to our lives, work and leadership

DSC00637Programme Highlights – August 26th to 30th, 2015

Tuesday 25th

  • 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm arrival and tent set up
  • Gentle landing dialogue and introductions

Wednesday 26th

  • T’ai Chi based on connecting feminine and masculine energy
  • Contrasting masculine and feminine approaches
  • Circle sessions and practices to explore the union of masculine and feminine through indigenous and wisdom traditions
  • Afternoon practices in nature: awakening the senses
  • Women’s and Men’s practice
  • Evening dialogues

Thursday 27th – head out on all-one solo in afternoon

  • T’ai Chi based on connecting feminine and masculine energy
  • Preparation for solo
  • Breakout sessions for men and women
  • 3 pm – Enter into all-one solo time in nature

Friday 28th

  • All One solo time

Saturday 29th – return from all one solo

  • Return from solo
  • Share experiences & stories
  • How do we bring through a balance and union of the feminine and masculine in our leadership and organisations?

Sunday 30th – Integration and Departure

  • T’ai Chi based on connecting feminine and masculine energy
  • Dialogue and activities to support bringing themes and wisdom back home
  • 2:00 pm – end of program
  • Optional Hot Springs soak on the way home


Sacred Land Sanctuary

Crestone, Colorado U.S.A


Arrival – 5:00-7:00 pm Tuesday, August 25th

Departure – 2:00 pm Sunday, August 30th

Accommodation and Food

We will be camping at the Sacred Land Sanctuary, a special place deeply supporting to connection, awakening and nurturing wisdom. We will provide catering for the evenings and ingredients to prepare food together in the mornings and lunch times.


We are offering tiered costing for the programme:

  • Organisations and large consultancies – $2000
  • Non-profit organisations – $1600
  • Personal – $1200

Contributions will also support the Sacred Land Sanctuary and wider development of Way of Nature educational and social change programmes.


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