Leadership Overview

Do you care about the state of our world, yet find yourself challenged by unprecedented complexity and uncertainty?

Are you a leader who:

  • Works to help make your organisation or community more sustainable or responsible?
  • Already understands, or at least can nod your head to the idea, that everything’s interconnected and that you’re part of the problem and the solution?
  • Cares about what we’re collectively doing to the earth, yet perhaps finds yourself ironically stuck in front of your computer most of the day rather than ‘out there’ with it?
  • Knows you love nature, but wonders if you actually have a relationship with it, or what that even means?
  • Is in transition, perhaps starting a new job or ending a career phase, and looking for time and space to reflect and take stock?

Have you considered turning to nature for fresh ideas and support?


What if you could bring your toughest leadership challenges and questions into a process that helps you learn directly from nature as a teacher and friend?

Through participating in WithNature’s professional leadership programs you get to:

  • Learn directly about complexity, adaptation, and resilience from the best teacher available – our planet’s most complex natural systems
  • Gain clarity of purpose and discover fresh strategic insights
  • Develop your capacity to lead in authentic partnership with nature and experience first hand the inspiration and encouragement the natural world can offer
  • Connect with inspiring leaders who care as much as you do, building real relationships based on shared deep experience
  • Tune into your animal wisdom to support you in your work, as a complement to your already intelligent mind and open heart, and
  • Reignite your creativity in a way that’s earth-revering and ecologically responsible.

WithNature’s professional leadership programs provide an opportunity to deepen your experience of Presence and Source as part of a deep ‘U Journey’.

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