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 Have you noticed the operating environments of organisations today increasingly resemble the complex and interconnected ecosystems of the natural world?

It’s rare to find organisations whose internal and external operating environments still resemble the simple production lines of the industrial age from which they emerged. What’s more, you and I know this situation isn’t going to go away; it’s only going to intensify. This reality is the starting point for WithNature’s Systemic Leadership Consulting.

Most of us aren’t naturally equipped to deal with this new reality, making it difficult to lead and make good decisions. Most leadership consulting is just as ill-equipped. 

A common problem today is we relate to each another as individuals, as though we’re somehow disconnected from one another. This means that when a challenge at work crops up, the temptation is to behave as though “it’s his or her fault” or “it’s the organisation’s fault”. Self-aware leaders extend this to “it’s my fault” or “it’s my responsibility”.

However, the bigger reality is that every situation – every challenge as well as every success in working life – is a co-creation between the people involved.

Systemic Leadership Consulting zooms in on this act of co-creation between people. It gives you tools to work effectively with the reality that everyone and everything is interconnected and interdependent.

Through coming to better understand your part in co-creating your organisation and the world around you, and their part in simultaneously co-creating you, you gain fresh insights about how to best respond. You get to deepen your awareness and understanding of the systemic dynamics occurring in your organisation, particularly those below the surface.

The process also integrates quality time with the best teacher we have about complexity and interconnectedness – the natural world.

By becoming intimate with the natural world and perceiving through all your senses how it adapts and works creatively with complexity and interconnectedness, you can develop your own capacity to do the same.

Systemic Leadership Consulting equips you to handle more effectively, even thrive in, the new realities of leadership and organisational life.

In addition to the broader benefits of WithNature’s Professional Leadership Programs, WithNature’s Systemic Leadership Consulting, enables you to gain clarity in how to take up your leadership role in a way that’s accountable to your personal aspirations, your organisation’s purpose and priorities, and what’s emerging in the world around you.

Systemic Leadership Consulting is based on the Grubb School’s multi-disciplinary practice of organisational analysis, drawing on the fields of whole systems change, sustainability thinking, complexity theory, psychoanalysis, attachment theory and neuroscience.

Note: I’m not currently taking on consulting clients. However, if you’d like to know more or you’re interested to work together in Autumn 2018 please get in touch.

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