Personal Wilderness Retreats

Do you ever feel drained by today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world?

For many of us, our minds are overwhelmed, our senses numbed, and we’re physically and emotionally exhausted. Sometimes it can take years, even decades, before we realise the impact.

We’re at a time in humanity when we’ve created incredible high-speed technologies, however most agree they’re outpacing our capacity to adapt.

It’s easy to forget that beneath it all we’re still animals and our animal bodies prefer to move at a slower pace.

Did you know there’s scientific evidence that time spent with nature is the antidote?

It’s also common sense, after all we’ve been co-evolving with the rest of nature for millennia, so it’s understandable we feel better amongst it!

Immerse yourself with nature to discover a vital and deeply powerful part of yourself.

Are you someone who:

  • Knows, somewhere deep inside, that modern life is taking its toll on you and that some tranquil time with nature would help you be a better friend, partner, parent, lover…?
  • Aspires to live with greater awareness, connection and meaning?
  • Cares to leave the world a little better than you found it, though juggling work, kids, family & mortgage, you sometimes don’t have the time?
  • Is going through a life transition, looking for a way to step back, take stock and get inspiration for a new direction?

 WithNature’s personal programs offer a unique process for nourishing yourself with the power of nature.

You get to:

  1. Rejuvenate with a digital detox and take some time out just for you
  2. Reconnect with something real beneath the razzle-dazzle of modern life
  3. Rediscover your body’s wisdom and go at a slower pace
  4. ‘Re-wild’ through awakening your animal senses to feel fully alive
  5. Reacquaint yourself with your more-than-human relations
  6. Recalibrate and take stock of what’s most important, and 
  7. My personal favourite…Reclaim your true beauty as a part of nature.

In other words you get to do a lot of ‘Re-ing’!

Note: WithNature’s programs are happily niche and not for everyone.

They’re especially not for:

  • City slickers abuzz with the modern glitz who don’t see the point of complementing it with slowing down or switching off. Sparkly disco ball high-five to you, I don’t judge!
  • People who don’t like the feel of fresh grass between their bare toes or sleeping in a tent, even if it’s a glamping one (for the wilderness programs), and
  • People not secretly envious of Neil Armstrong for getting to step out of the human bubble for a fresh persepctive (aka the “Overview Effect”*); nor people who are secretly so envious you’ve already made plans to travel to the moon in this life time and don’t need a humble, earth-based WithNature program.

*The “Overview Effect” is a phenomenon often experienced by astronauts in outer space.

Peering down at the earth from far away, people suddenly see our planet as a tiny, fragile oasis in the void. Our world is no longer the biggest thing in our universe, and those who have experienced this say it’s easy to feel an overwhelming need to protect the ‘pale blue dot’.

So…which way would you prefer to step out of the human bubble for a fresh perspective?

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