Personal Female Re-wilding with Tigress Yoga

“Love her, but leave her wild” ~ Atticus

Tigress Yoga is a sacred female vitality art that supports you to “re-wild”, explore the wilderness within and nourish your primal body.

Do you yearn for some time out just for you?


Did you know yoga was originally created by and for men?

Most yoga today has never been holistically modified for women. What makes Tigress Yoga different is it’s designed by a woman based on what feels good in a woman’s body. It combines multiple ancient feminine traditions – including tantra, daoism, women’s mysteries and other yogic practices – into a single coherent form designed especially for the modern woman.

Like most yoga, Tigress offers wellbeing, flexibility, strength and an experience of wholeness with yourself and the world around you. In addition, it uniquely offers:

  • Deepened connection with your primal feminine self and the wisdom she holds;
  • Enhanced sensuality and sexual vitality;
  • Support for fertility, child birth and continued aliveness into menopause; and,
  • Women-only community with full permission to explore your primal self in a safe, supported space.

Tigress Yoga is suitable for women of all ages, at all levels of physical fitness and yoga experience. I offer this beautiful practice as part of WithNature’s Wilderness Retreats as well as regular city classes in Sydney.

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