Founding Story

Hi there,

I’m Madeleine, the founder of WithNature.


I’ve worked for 15+ years as a pioneering sustainability professional hoping to leave the world a little better than I found it.

Over the same period, I’ve personally practiced around 250 days of silent meditation and solitude with nature. This includes a 44 day mountain forest solo where I developed a close relationship with the many critters whose home I stayed in.

My experience of these two parts of life, which I respectively call action on behalf of nature vs. relationship with nature, is they often operate in parallel, rarely coming together to support one another. So in 2014 I resigned from my job at one of Australia’s leading energy corporations to create WithNature, to bridge these two worlds.

WithNature is founded on a simple truth: we protect what we love.

If we want to take better care of ourselves and the earth, it’s time we fall back in love with nature.

Join WithNature for articles that explore our connection with nature and invitations to events and programs.

WithNature is dedicated to: 

Nature, the more than human world of which we’re each a part.

Affectionately known as Mama Earth and all her beautiful critters, our Lil’ Blue Planet, our Greatest Artist, Muse to our Religions (and our Atheism), Gaia, the One Who Makes Love for a Living and the One Who Feels Us Dancing When No One’s Watching.

To the Marvellous, Mysterious, Morphing Something,

That Lives In You,

Through You,

As You,

And For You.